About Us

our story so far

Semenzas Pizza II is a second location that was built and ran by Rudy Semenzas in the 1980’s. The first Semenzas opened up on Kings Row but has sadly closed down. The second location is located on the intersection of Neil road and Peckham. In 2008 Rudy sold his business to Juan Pablo Lopez. Juan Pablo started working for Rudy in 1994 and is now the owner of Semenza’s Pizzeria. Semenza’s has always been a family owned business however with Juan Pablo it has become a family run business where everyones best interests is to helping our customers enjoy delicious food. Our ingredients are fresh, pizza is better than before, wings are still fried with our original sauces and you will fall in love our Garlic knots. We want to see all our customers leave with a satisfied smile. That is why we are still around. We care about what our customers are eating and we make sure that we keep improving, so help us in our journey to  satisfy all with our food.